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Cedar Premium Series

Start reaping the  benefits of an at-home sauna today – look better, feel better, live better!

Canadian Red Cedar is renowned for its  beautiful color variation, refreshing aroma and its resistance to rot &  mildew. Cedar has been used in saunas for hundreds of years because of its  unique properties. In addition to its aromatic qualities, it is durable,  non-toxic and an excellent heat insulator. Cedar also has microbial properties  that are anti-fungal as well as oils that aid in detoxification. Red cedar has  always been the wood of choice for top of the line saunas. Premium HeatWave  Saunas are all manufactured from top grade Canadian Red Cedar. This makes our  saunas aromatic, well insulated, resistant to moisture and beautiful.

HeatWave  Saunas™ are the safe, effective and affordable way to relieve stress and  improve health, right in the comfort of your own home. Our exclusive InfraWave  FAR heat technology heaters emit ultra low levels of EMF, making them safe and beneficial to your health. All HeatWave saunas are designed for quick easy assembly and will fit in  virtually any room in your home. Constructed from  top grade Red Cedar tongue & groove joinery to create a superior strength  edge to edge surface, these saunas are built to last, providing you with years  of health benefits and stress relief. Premium HeatWave Cedar Saunas™ come with  Carbon InfraWave FAR heaters and feature interior reading lights and built in  sound systems to further enhance your sauna experience.