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Spa Salt Water Chlorinator Systems

Compu Pools range of low maintenance, reverse polarity salt water chlorinators are designed for safe, simple and convenient purification of swimming pool water. Salt water chlorinators are ideal for: Domestic swimming pools, Commercial swimming pools and Spa pool applications. Salt water chlorine generator has two parts:   a cell that contains an anode and a cathode and a power pack that delivers electricity to the cell.  As water is forced through the cell by the swimming pool pump the salt molecules are divided into sodium and chlorine atoms. At the same time water molecules are being separated to produce oxygen and hydrogen atoms. As a result of the splitting of these molecules,  sodium hypochlorite is produced.  Sodium hypochlorite is the same chemical in chlorine that is purchased at the pool store, but now you are producing it on site with the salt chlorinator.  Other chemicals are added to the store bought chlorine to keep it stabilized. These other chemicals that are present  in store bought chlorine tend to drive the pool Ph up  which means more chemicals are needed to keep the Ph balanced in your pool. Our staff at Pool N Patio.net is well versed in salt water chlorinators . If you're interested in salt water chlorinators, contact Pool N Patio.net at 1-877-644-POOL (7665)

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